South Sister Reflection Photographic Print On Canvas By Dennis Frates

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Add a calming effect to your room with South Sister photographic print on canvas. This canvas print decorates your wall with the beautiful scene canvas prints. This piece will bring the liveliness of the image to your home. The South Sister, also known as Charity, is Oregon’s third highest mountain.

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Ready To Hang On Your Customers Wall


The frame is usually 1.25″ (approx. 4cms) thick. As a result, the hardware (staples or tacks) used to secure the canvas are not visible. The sides of the canvas are prepared and primed in the same manner as the face or front. They may then be painted a solid color (usually white) or painted to continue the image appearing on the face. This method of stretching and preparing a canvas allows for a frameless¬†presentation of the finished painting or photograph. In some competitions it is considered “framed” and ready to hang.


In canvas printing, the term “gallery wrap” refers to an image that appears on the sides of the frame as well as the front. The image on the sides is either a continuation or a reflection of the main image, or an otherwise fabricated element such as a solid color or colors derived from the adjacent image.

Gallery wrap is a very popular way to display art. However, because the edges of the canvas are wrapped over the thick bars, approximately two inches of the image (top, bottom, and sides) are not visible from the front. If the subject of an image or painting is sized and positioned correctly, the image will not be negatively affected. However, in some situations photo editing techniques are employed to fabricate additional image/material or to mirror existing content on the wrapped edges. Solid colours can also be used on the wrapped edges.

Gallery wrap vs. non gallery wrap

Gallery wrap is a method of displaying art wrapped over thick wooden bars so that there are no visible fasteners (e.g., staples or tacks). This method of stretching and preparing a canvas allows for a frame-less presentation of the finished painting.

In contrast, a non gallery wrap canvas is usually intended to be framed before presentation. The stretcher bars are often thinner, and the canvas can be secured at the sides with staples or tacks as the frame will hide them. However, thin stretcher bars can be found “gallery wrapped” as a hangable work without a frame.


Product Description

South Sister

South Sister

The South Sister, also known as Charity, is Oregon’s third highest mountain. The hike to the top is very difficult, but fairly easy as far as climbing mountains can go, as there is indeed a trail that goes all the way to the top and can be done without any technical mountain climbing gear. The hike can easily be done in a day, and usually takes between 7 and 10 hours round trip. The hike to the top is about 6 and a quarter miles long with a 4900 feet elevation gain. As you hike you will pass Moraine Lake, and the Lewis and Clark glaciers. At the top of the South Sisters you will find Oregon’s highest lake Teardrop Pool. It is the tallest of the Three Sisters, outdistancing both Middle Sister and North Sister. As well as being the third tallest mountain in the state of Oregon. It is the youngest, geologically speaking having the most recent volcanic activity of the Three Sisters. Highest describes the lake that sits right near the summit, Teardrop Pool, being the highest lake in Oregon. South Sister has one popular route that can be climbed with little technical skill or equipment during the summer. This is the south side route and starts from either Green Lakes or Devils Lake. The route requires only descent physical conditioning and a tolerance for massive amounts of scree. There is also another class 4 route ascending between the Lewis Glacier and Prouty Glacier that offers snowfields and small waterfalls during the summer while avoiding the crowds as well as the dusty, rotten scree route mentioned above. However, this route does not follow a well-worn trail as the Southern route does.

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